Monday, October 11, 2010

My Stuff, Don't Touch It.

I'm a fairly organized person.  Maybe not as organized as today's comic shows, but pretty organized.  My favorite place in San Francisco is the Container Store (no joke).  I think one of the first things I said to DJ when we moved in together was something along the lines of "Don't touch my stuff."  There were even a few times where he would move something to see if I would notice.

There are a few games coming up that I am really excited about lately.  The first being the Undead Nightmares DLC for Red Dead Redemption and the second being Double Fine's Costume Quest.   Costume Quest really seems to capture the spirit of what it felt like to be a kid at Halloween where you just believe you are what your costume is and it seems to have a really cool sense of adventure.  The creative minds that work at Double Fine continually produce new and imaginative ideas and I've always got my nose pressed against the screen while looking at what new things they come out with.  Also the fact that Red Dead Redemption is a really great western game and the idea that it will include zombies is something that really hits a lot of the right notes for me :).  I wonder what kind of missions it will have.  I really hope you get the chance to lasso zombies and try and "round them up" as it were.

A good Monday to all :).



  1. Zach- You would...
    and DJ moving Zach's stuff- most definitely you would!
    Awesome guys- looking forward to more.

  2. Oh gosh.... Someone's a little bit ORGANIZED! X'D

  3. I admit I get the same way when I feel my stuff has been moved!