Monday, April 18, 2011


It was around 9:23 on a Thursday morning when I received the distress call.  I was literally about to enter the door to work when I was halted by hearing concerns of horrible neck pains and an inability to get out of bed.  A rescue mission was to be made and I became homeward bound.  He's much better now.   The cause of such a treacherous issue has eluded DJ but we're hoping it doesn't happen again. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011


With Wonder Con this past weekend and oh so many other things, we didn't have enough time to get together a comic this week.  But we'll never not put something up.  It will probably be a LOL CAT some Monday but until then I took this time to introduce Eugene.

Eugene here is 9.  He's a big fan of things like geology, books about stars, the library, and dinosaurs.  It's an unfortunate day for him however.  His favorite balloon has lost all of it's air.  It was red.  His favorite color is red.  Hang in there Eugene.  Good things are in your future big guy.

Good Morning,

P.S.  A big thank you to everyone who stopped by DJ's booth at Wonder Con.  He was there selling prints of his work and I think he even had a few Get Job stickers for a day or so.  Big thanks to everyone for all the support and all the new people he met.  He told me he had a blast.