Monday, September 27, 2010

Dream Box

Until very recently DJ and I weren't playing anything beyond a basic flash game unless we went to a friends apartment. DJ usually did that and I proceeded to watch entire playthroughs of games on youtube while working late into the night. It certainly wasn't the same as playing through the game myself but I did what I could to get my fix.

It was dark times before a recent purchase and there were nights we just flat out weren't sure what we should do. I would like to say that this comic is a stretch, a mere comedic exaggeration of the situation, but sadly, I can not. I can assure you that behavior like this is entirely within our reach of reality. Thankfully DJ's itch to play something in the "Next Gen" gaming category grew too strong to overcome and he pulled us out of these times of despair with the purchase of his very own Xbox 360. Let the good times roll.

I hope your Monday is going well and continues to do so. Thanks for stopping by.


p.s. On behalf of DJ and myself we would like to thank everyone who subscribed and checked out the comic last week making it a successful launch. It was far beyond our expectations and it really made us feel like doing this is worth it. Thank you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Eye of The Beholder

Hello, Hey There, How are you? Welcome to Get Job! This is a weekly web comic that my roommate DJ and I are doing. It's about two artist in San Francisco working at trying to make it as artists and their journey along the way. So, I hope you follow our blog. Every Monday see what we are up to and come along for the ride because we don't really know how it's going to go either! :)

Dj and myself have been living together in San Francisco since Fall of 2006 and it's been a different sort of experience: especially since we are two very different types of artists. Nonetheless it's always been interesting to show each other what we've been working on. I hope you enjoy and your Monday is a great one.