Monday, December 27, 2010

A Holiday’s Demise

Sorry for the late post everyone. Zach found himself with no internet, stranded in Iowa. I hope  
everyone had a great time with their families and friends over the holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Burning Steel Teaser Two

Hey ho, everyone!  Here's another wallpaper hinting at the mysterious comic, "Burning Steel" that I'm still working on.  It's going to be a crazy story filled with rich characters and ridiculous action.  Actually, ridiculous is probably the best word that encompasses the over all comic in general.  

In other news the holiday season is no longer fast approaching but has indeed arrived.  I hope everyone has plans for a good time and a nice relaxing holiday break.  We'll somehow be updating through out the holidays so when you're stomach is full of whatever delicious food you normally eat this time of year you can always mosey on over to Get Job for some hot holiday comics!

Good Morning Monday

Monday, December 13, 2010

D Menace

Another comic with our good friend Dennis.  And like the last comic with Dennis, we are in the kitchen.  It's really the only proper community hangout spot in the apartment.  But, I do believe that we have a ghost here.  Or we did.  When we first moved into our current residence in San Francisco I was here for about a week by myself and I had suspicions of a haunting.  DJ confirmed hearing the noises I claimed to hear and they started consistently around 2:30 every morning.  I will admit that since Dennis has moved in that we haven't heard anything from the old gal (I feel confidently that it's an older woman for some reason).  Perhaps she'll make an appearance in a comic strip soon.

Morning Monday,

Monday, December 6, 2010

DJ's Rules to Live By. Chapter One: Beer

I'm going to just start this whole thing off by saying Get Job does not support underage drinking or the abuse of alcohol in any way.  DJ and myself are both of the legal drinking age.  So please don't blame things on us or write us mean letters. 

DJ doesn't drink at all.  He had a taste of my beer once and made a face that the word disgust only begins to describe.  I guess I feel like alcohol is an acquired taste.  Either way I don't pressure him to drink and he doesn't pressure me not to.  We've had several conversations about it and they all end the same.  I continue drinking... and he continues to not.  We're both very happy about it.

I don't know if the dish described above is available anywhere but the first person to make it and sends us pictures of it will get a free t-shirt or something.  We don't even have shirts...  I guess we'll make one and then send it to you.   What am I saying.  This is America.  That dish almost has to exist in some restaurant.  We've got a sandwich that has two pieces of chicken in stead of bread for goodness sake.   

Have a good Monday,