Friday, October 29, 2010


I wanted to be Mayor McCheese but the head wouldn't fin in the panel. 

Happy Halloween everyone.  DJ's currently in LA at the Long Beach Comic Con but we thought it would be cool to throw up something for our first holiday since our launch.  Also Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so it just seemed right.

Happy Hallows Eve to all,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Banana Quest

Costume Quest came out last week and it was a lot of fun.  Just a lot of good, clean fun. I couldn't help but notice the other kids trick-or-treating around the area.  Their slightly less "aggressive" costumes might have a little bit more trouble with such an exciting adventure.

Speaking of the costumes, finding new costumes and learning about their different abilities and how they can help the team really keep the game fun and interesting.  Not to mention there are a good number of quests per area and things to collect along the way that keep you exploring.  The costume's special abilities and the different battle stamps that give the assigned character a special battle advantage added with the different timed button pressing elements really keep the battle system interesting and fun. The game also featured some really great writing and a fun story.

In other-words, a great puck up for $15 on XBox Live or the Playstation Network.

For those in the LA area from October 29th - 31st, DJ will be at the Long Beach Comic Con at the Long Beach Convention Center, Booth 1412.  He'll be selling prints of his artwork and representing Get Job with some FREE stickers so stop by and say hello!

Happy Monday

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinner's Ready

DJ can't cook...  I don't just mean he isn't allowed to.  I mean he really just can't.  If it doesn't go in the microwave, he's not making it.  He called me once to ask me how to turn on the oven.  But it's because of this that we have a good system going.  We split the cost of things that need to be made using a stove or oven, I cook, and he cleans.  Everyone is full and happy by the end of the night.  This ritual often takes place the nights we have meetings about the comic.  Yes, we have meetings... at a table... with roll call.

Costume Quest comes out this Wednesday and I am really excited.  The game looks great and it will probably be the first game I've gotten in a while.  Especially when the game is only $15 dollars, you can't really lose.  Also for those in the LA area, DJ will be at Long Beach Comic-Con at the Long Beach Convention Center from October 29th - 31st.  We've got a special, FREE, surprise for anyone who will be there, so be sure to be on the look out for future announcements. 

Happy Monday to you all.


Monday, October 11, 2010

My Stuff, Don't Touch It.

I'm a fairly organized person.  Maybe not as organized as today's comic shows, but pretty organized.  My favorite place in San Francisco is the Container Store (no joke).  I think one of the first things I said to DJ when we moved in together was something along the lines of "Don't touch my stuff."  There were even a few times where he would move something to see if I would notice.

There are a few games coming up that I am really excited about lately.  The first being the Undead Nightmares DLC for Red Dead Redemption and the second being Double Fine's Costume Quest.   Costume Quest really seems to capture the spirit of what it felt like to be a kid at Halloween where you just believe you are what your costume is and it seems to have a really cool sense of adventure.  The creative minds that work at Double Fine continually produce new and imaginative ideas and I've always got my nose pressed against the screen while looking at what new things they come out with.  Also the fact that Red Dead Redemption is a really great western game and the idea that it will include zombies is something that really hits a lot of the right notes for me :).  I wonder what kind of missions it will have.  I really hope you get the chance to lasso zombies and try and "round them up" as it were.

A good Monday to all :).


Monday, October 4, 2010


We are young artists and like all young artist trying to make it, we work a lot.  We work all day and usually late into the night.  It can really be a challenge to keep the brain working at full capacity(or at all) when it's 2 in the morning.  Usually DJ and myself  have strange conversations when fully alert, so some really weird things tend to flow from our mouths when we are tired .  Sometimes the things that we come up with concern me...

DJ's gone through Halo:  Reach already and after a few hours of trial and error with different names he finally settled on Zumeacrume as his online persona.  I had made a lot of suggestions, most of them ending in 69, but he didn't seem interested.  He did however go on to play a lot of multiplayer online and he seemed to enjoy it.  I haven't had the chance to give it a shot yet but hopefully soon.

I've also got to get into Minecraft.  I've played it a little here and there and I really like it.  I'm just afraid of getting too sucked in!  It's such a fun game and the world seems huge.  Not to mention the design of the whole thing is great.  I think a friend of mine mentioned that he felt like it was what virtual reality was supposed to be.

Happy Monday everyone.