Monday, October 18, 2010

Dinner's Ready

DJ can't cook...  I don't just mean he isn't allowed to.  I mean he really just can't.  If it doesn't go in the microwave, he's not making it.  He called me once to ask me how to turn on the oven.  But it's because of this that we have a good system going.  We split the cost of things that need to be made using a stove or oven, I cook, and he cleans.  Everyone is full and happy by the end of the night.  This ritual often takes place the nights we have meetings about the comic.  Yes, we have meetings... at a table... with roll call.

Costume Quest comes out this Wednesday and I am really excited.  The game looks great and it will probably be the first game I've gotten in a while.  Especially when the game is only $15 dollars, you can't really lose.  Also for those in the LA area, DJ will be at Long Beach Comic-Con at the Long Beach Convention Center from October 29th - 31st.  We've got a special, FREE, surprise for anyone who will be there, so be sure to be on the look out for future announcements. 

Happy Monday to you all.


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