Monday, May 16, 2011

A Time for Mourning Past

We're not the most up to date when it comes to TV and DJ's not the most up to date on... well, who's alive and who isn't.  You can imagine the crushed look on his face when I broke the news to him.  I think the fact that the Bernie Mac Show had a solid run before it was over brought DJ some peace.

If you're not familiar with the show, it wasn't bad.  It starred Bernie Mac with his interstingly put together TV family.  The kids on the show aren't his but a relatives and when it became neccesary for a new parental figure to take over he did the deed.  It won't take you long to watch and episode and see the camera go to a moment where Mr. Mac is addressing America, the country itself. 

I know some of you are probably thinking "A little late fellas."  but I respectfully disagree.  This comic is a perfect example of how out of the loop DJ is on things like this.  He often refers to actors by their character names.  And by that I don't mean the characters name in the current film he's watching.  He calls them the name of whatever character he saw them play first.  For example.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is now and forever the terminator, no matter what movies he's watching with Arnold.  If you think about this from his perspective it probably makes things much cooler.  Think about when he watches 'Predator'.  In his mind it would be like the Terminator vs. Predator.  Awesome, I know.

Happy Monday,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Continental Miss-Communication

We were lucky enough to have a guest stay with us for a few days last week.  My friend Rodrigo Luff from Australia was visiting San Francisco for an art show he had.  Now, I'm a simple man from small-town Iowa and DJ is a little well more traveled than I am.  What I'm saying is we would be hard pressed to say that we are well cultured in the ways of the world.  Long story short.  We made fun of him because of his accent and that he called ketchup, tomato sauce.  Sorry Rod.  You know I love you buddy.

He's a great dude and we were happy to have him.  You can check out his stuff here.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Confused Genders

We've been enjoying Dragon Age II.  DJ by playing it and myself by watching him and often making comments that he doesn't seem to enjoy as much as I do.  He chose the noble path of the wizard and seems to be quite popular with the men in the game.  Although after I teased him about this enough he went after a few ladies to re-affirm that he was bound by no gender and could lie with whomever he pleased.

Really I'm just waiting for my turn through the game.  I'll take a crack at it once he's finished up.  I'm not sure how close he is to beating it but I know there have been a few occasions where we were certain the game had reached it's end and were soon proven wrong.  DJ's put a good amount of time into it though and really enjoys "wrecking days" with his magical wizardry.