Monday, May 9, 2011

Continental Miss-Communication

We were lucky enough to have a guest stay with us for a few days last week.  My friend Rodrigo Luff from Australia was visiting San Francisco for an art show he had.  Now, I'm a simple man from small-town Iowa and DJ is a little well more traveled than I am.  What I'm saying is we would be hard pressed to say that we are well cultured in the ways of the world.  Long story short.  We made fun of him because of his accent and that he called ketchup, tomato sauce.  Sorry Rod.  You know I love you buddy.

He's a great dude and we were happy to have him.  You can check out his stuff here.



  1. thanks for including me in your super sexy secret tomato-saucy social club :-P

  2. Yes this is also another thing that always coming on the way when you are moving to get a job,I also face this.