Monday, February 28, 2011

DJ's Birthday Wish

DJ turns the big 23 today and the probability of this actually happening is much higher than acceptable.  Anything for his birthday.  There is only one a year after all.  On a side note I do find it interesting that they are doing a re-release of the Justin Bieber movie (which is also available in 3D for those of you that had your fingers crossed) as a directors cut version.  Something like 40 minutes of new footage being swapped out with old footage.  I'm not exactly sure on the details.  I guess it's a good way to keep the Bieb cash train a rollin'.

DJ will also be up in Seattle at the Emerald City Comic Con from March 4th through the 6th selling prints of his work and representing Get Job so be sure to stop by his booth and say hi.  I think we even have a few stickers left to hand out.

Happy Birthday DJ,

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