Monday, January 3, 2011

The Birds and the Bush

In case you aren't sure what commercial we are talking about in the comic here's a link.  After we heard that play a few times questions started to arise.   

Ever since TV turned to digital channels instead of whatever it used to be our TV no longer works for, you know, TV shows.  Thankfully, Hulu is there for us to get some of our TV show needs.  An even bigger plus is that there are still commercials and I'm kind of only half joking when I say that.  Anyway we really still don't know what the saying means.  I have ideas but I haven't discussed it with anyone to find out if I'm even close.  Maybe when DJ makes his return to San Francisco I'll pass it by him.

I hope everyone had a good entrance into to 2011 and all of your resolutions have been made.

Happy Monday


  1. An actual advantage, regardless of size, is better than a perceived better advantage that may or may not happen. In other words, be happy with what you have instead of risking it for greater fortune and losing it all.