Monday, March 28, 2011

A Welcomed Return?

Dennis is on vacation.  I think he said something about a ski trip.  We're not sure when he's coming back, although I imagine it's sometime soon.  Hope you're having a good trip Big D.

I often find myself feeling guilty at the way we portray poor ol' Dennis.  Or I should say more-so how he's talked about "in strip" but he's a stellar man and a good roommate.  It can't be easy being a roommate with us either.  It's like always being in the same place where a secret club meets but you're not a part of it.  Mostly because it's a bad club filled with ridiculous questions and arguments over whether or not one of it's members is psychic.  It's a safe guess that anyone in his position looking at us would want nothing to do with such madness but he somehow  puts up with it.



  1. You guys seem so awesome! What I would give to be a member of your secret club! ^__^

  2. Haha aww am sure he feels good to at least be around your special club ;)