Monday, November 8, 2010

Fort Madness!

Honestly, I haven't built a fort in a while.  It's something DJ and myself did when we had bunk beds, which we haven't had in a while    But they are fun to build and as a child I remember thinking that with enough cereal boxes, I could be commander of an impenetrable fort.  And, as any good fort builder knows, you really can't use cereal boxes for a roof.  It wouldn't work.  There's no interlocking going on with those things!  
Sometimes DJ and I do weird things when one of us is gone.  We kind of balance each other out and when one of us is missing, things get a little different around the apartment.  Sometimes our priorities shift and we resort to odd behavior to try and fill the void of a missing companion.  It's like having only one hand and not getting a cool robotic one to replace the one that just got cut off.  I don't want to give away any surprises but, expect to see more examples in the future.

I actually remember having a small tee-pee that I could set up and sit it.  Thinking of it now, I have no idea where that went or where it came from for that matter.  I really liked it though.

Alright, good Monday everyone,

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